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what we offer

What we offer


First, we do an analysis of your requirements and needs (see the questionnaire) and provide consultancy (personal, by email or telephone). Our detailed knowledge of programmes of all accredited EFL institutions in the UK and Ireland allows us to propose individual solution by identifying the most suitable schools and courses. We believe that however easy it is to get a lot of direct information through the Internet, it might be rather difficult for some people to have a comprehensive view of the full range of courses available in the UK and Ireland.
Thanks to a great variety of programmes of institutions offering EFL courses we can meet all sorts of requirements, particularly with regard to a course type, age of students, intesity of tuition and its method, accommodation, preferred region, course duration and its start date.

We co-operate only with those schools and institutions in the UK which are accredited by British Council and members of English UK and in Ireland members of MEI.

We'll arrange the administration and booking of the course you select on your behalf. The only thing you have to do is to pay the cost of the course directly to the selected school by bank transfer or credit card and arrange you journey. Our placement service may be an advantage for you since we can help you solve any problems you may have in relation to your course before it starts and during your study in the UK. We know the environment, schools and their staff very well and we know the evaluations of students who studied there before you.

We can provide you with the necessary tourist information about the region where you are going to stay.

For those who we place on courses there will be a 24 hour contact number.

We think that English language courses in the UK are not suitable for complete beginners although such courses are offered by a limited number of schools. These only offer one-to-one tuition which is more expensive and students cannot benefit fully from the English speaking environment, which is most important.

Our consultancy and placement service is free of charge.

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