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how to proceed

How to proceed


First, fill in the attached questionnaire and send it to us so that we can identify your requirements and language needs. We'll then contact you over the telephone or by email to check this information and to explain what you can expect.

We will then prepare a shortlist of two or three schools and suitable courses tailored to your needs and either meet you personally for consultation or will send you the brochures of selected schools by post. You will be given detailed information about individual courses to enable you to make your final selection. Although we can recommend individual schools, we think you should be free of make your final choice. After you have sent us your enrolment form of the school of your choice, we will take care of all administrative arrangement with the school on your behalf.

The school will issue an invoice for which you will pay directly to the school's bank account and arrange your journey.

A few weeks before the course starts you will receive the details of your accommodation.

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